Love, Laughs & Road Rage


When Rae's husband came home from work as a police officer, with the decision to leave his job, her life was about to change.  The past four years had been difficult and she was thinking about ending the marriage and going it alone.  They gave everything up to find themselves and adventure on the open road.

Ray and Rae are helped along their journey of over 26,000 kms by various strangers, friends and even a movie star.  Two crashes and a blowout at 120 kph added to the drama of the adventure.  From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to Los Angeles, California to Key West Florida to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and back again.  ​This is the story of that journey.  It is a story of Love, Laughs and Road Rage.

Reviews for Love, Laughs & Road Rage -

                             This is not a typical book about adventure riding. Is it for everyone? I don’t believe so;

                             rather, it’s for those in similar situations, who want to better understand the PTSD condition, or

                             are curious about the unusual idea of how motorcycling can be used to improve broken

                             relationships— it’s an inspiring read.

~ Paul H. Smith of ADVMoto Magazine 

You can enjoy this book even if you know nobody who suffers from PTSD, or don't have difficulties in your own relationship or even if you aren't a biker. It's a story of two people doing something that most of us dream of doing, or say we'll do "one day" ... 

~ Julie Stewart from Older Motorcycle Riders (OMRs) Blog

What readers are saying about Love, Laughs & Road Rage -

Love, Laughs & Road Rage is an honest and unabashed perspective of a couple living with PTSD through a significant life transition.  As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, they saddled up their bikes and set off on a North American road adventure that would put anyone to the test.  The twists and turns of daily life and the ups and downs of the emotional trauma associated with PTSD, aggravated by the upheaval of leaving a life-long professional calling are reflected in their journey and make for some compelling reading.  I worked with Ray many years ago and can attest to his “target-locked” determination.  I can’t wait to meet Rae – neither should you.  Read the book.

~ Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Macdonald, Canadian Forces Military Police (Retired)

"I took the time to read the book from start to finish. It showed great insight into what was going on with your relationship and the challenges of leaving public service with the remaining injuries that one gathers (physical and mental) in the service of others in the community and how these injuries go beyond the individual."

~ John Hebert

Thank you for writing Love, Laughs & Road Rage! I picked up my copy ... and from the moment I turned the first page was hooked. Your writing style is almost conversational as if you were just sitting with your reader and sharing the stories of your adventures. The chapters each featuring a different location reminding me of the touring my new wife and I did as we fell in love with the big world out there and each other. I think you have got the right idea that marriage, indeed any relationship, needs to have space and tolerance but love is the glue (JB Weld Kwik) that can hold it all together. I hope you find many more books in you to write. 

~ Robert (Bob) Currie

“I loved your book on so many levels and the beautiful analogy of your Frankenbike and marriage....It all is so worth it in the end right?”

~ Lorie Ward