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Watch for Rae's next book - a young adult sci-fi thriller about how a young woman finds herself in the middle of the world's end. Will she be able to change the outcome and save herself and her family? Only she can decide that!

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Excerpt from Love, Laughs & Road Rage -

One thing that Ray didn’t know was that I was at a crossroads. I had grown tired of having to deal with his mood swings and watching everything I said in order to not upset the apple cart. PTSD can be very challenging to live with for the person affected but also for the person trying to support their loved one. That coupled with the dark place he was in, made our life together very difficult at times. I decided that this trip would be the test to decide whether I would stay in our marriage or leave. I loved Ray. I just deeply missed the person that he used to be. The person he was now was one I didn’t want to be around anymore. It was cruel of me not to tell him my feelings. At the time, I didn’t want to provide him with something else for us to fight about. I had lost my trust around sharing my feelings. With Ray leaving his career as a police officer, I hoped that the trip would bring us back together as he distanced himself from the evil he witnessed every day. I was naïve.